Research projects, areas of interest or ideas that consume more of my mental energy than they should…

Disruptive Tech.  I know this is a pretty broad category but I like to keep an eye out for innovative or emerging technologies that will dramatically change the way we do business.  Social media, virtualization, open source, search, Web 2.0/3.0, netbooks, wiki’s, human-computer interaction (HCI) and the semantic web are some of the things I like to read about. 

Intelligence Analysis.  I enjoy researching “traditional” intelligence techniques commonly used in military, counter-terrorism, or law enforcement operations and work to adapt them to white collar crime and fraud investigation scenarios. Open source intelligence gathering, link analysis, data visualization, and geographic information systems (GIS) are areas of focus.

Insurance Fraud Investigation.  My day job keeps me pretty busy but it also consumes some of my personal time as I enjoy researching new fraud schemes and how to detect and investigative them.  I find news from all different lines of insurance is interesting but in particular I prefer to identify methods that are used to effectively combat scams from one particular line (e.g. health insurance) and work at designing new ways to use those methods to investigative scams in other lines (e.g. auto insurance).  Read more about insurance fraud.

Predictive Models & Markets.  One of the more commonly used methods to detect suspicious claims in insurance fraud is through the use of predictive models. But, such models can be used for many things.  I think we’re poised for an increased use of predictive markets for all sorts of industries.


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