Billing itself as “The most comprehensive people search on the web” Pipl is a pretty neat tool.  The big advantage of this search tool over other more common ones is that Pipl searches deep web databases to compile data matching your queries.  The results are sometimes surprisingly detailed.  Pipl searches some popular social networking sites as well as email addresses, pdf documents, webpages and whitepage listings.  I found it worthy of addition to my bookmarks.


2 Responses to Pipl

  1. Brian says:

    I typed my own name into Pipl and received information that was true 30 years ago but not at all accurate today.

  2. Jake says:

    A tool I used a few times after finding it, around april or May it changed. There was one e-mail address that I had which showed information to help me get in touch with someone who had a myspace page but neglected their e-mails, as it was apparently a wastebin account. I also looked up two different e-mail services I had, and found information I had forgotten about.

    A week ago, I tried pipl again, and this time no information of my own showed on the e-mail account I actively use. The other account that had long lost information, which I rarely use, still contained what I saw before. I tested the other e-mail of the person, and their info turned up nothing as well. its a good thing I already found the myspace page.

    So if what Brian says and I say have any commonality, the service has gone a bit wonky. In short, if you find it useful, great, but don’t get any hopes up.

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