Lifehack: Gmail Favicon

I’ve recently become a follower of the Lifehacker blog.  I picked up a copy of Upgrade Your Life to read on the plane during a recent business trip.  I found that I had dog-eared so many pages of cool tips and tricks, it would have been easier to just rip out the few pages that didn’t seem useful.  So, if you haven’t been reading it, here’s a link to a recent helpful tip.  Gmail users that use the Firefox browser (with Greasmonkey) can turn the Gmail favicon into something more useful than a picture of an envelope.


3 Responses to Lifehack: Gmail Favicon

  1. Thanks for the tip about Upgrade Your Life. I need all the help I can get right now.

  2. Almera says:

    Good Post here… by the way I want to express my unhappiness over FAKE ID’s Last summer a punk kid ran over my sister and she was hospitalised for 2 weeks!

  3. Insurance says:

    Interesting. Thanks!

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