Emporis.com: Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound

Empois.com is a self-described “large and free-to-use website about buildings.”  That’s true.  They host a massive database with information on buildings (large and small) in over 60,000 cities.  Much of the content comes from public records, vendors, and research companies but Emporis.com also solicits information from it’s user community.  You can browse cities for the tallest buildings and view details of each.  The database hosts varying levels of detail about specific buildings but it generally includes the year built, a photo (popular buildings have anywhere from a few dozen to a few thousand photos), the architect and builder information, number of floors, and bordering streets.  Sometimes lat/long geodata is provided as well.  Another cool feature is that the database contains information on buildings currently under construction and even projects that were planned but abandoned or put on hold.  Great resource to add to the online investigator’s toolkit.


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