Wiki-telligence, eh?

The Vancouver Sun reports that the RCMP is launching a wiki designed to keep law enforcement authorities up-to-date on gang activity in Canada.  Readers might recall that the US government intelligence community created Intellipedia back in 2006, which is used to share intelligence across government agencies.  A “vertical” wiki called Diplopedia is also used by the US Department of State.

In September 2008, it was learned that the FBI has created it’s own wiki – Bureaupedia – to record knowledge of retiring agents, presumably in an attempt to thwart “brain drain.”  The bureau has been criticized for creating a separate platform instead of utilizing the existing Intellipedia platform, which they already access. 

Wiki technology is a boon for intelligence services.  Sharing up-to-date intel is difficult, but the collaborative nature of wiki’s is a great – and often inexpensive – solution.  I wish more agencies in law enforcement and private sector investigations would take note.


2 Responses to Wiki-telligence, eh?

  1. Alan Pruitt says:

    I am already creating a resource to meet this need (PI-Wiki?) and it is just weeks from release on the Joomla! platform. Joomla! is a CMS (Content Management System) that is very popular with private and public sector companies. I have released thousands of pages of content to listserves, Yahoo Groups, etc., over the years and all of this content is finding a home in one CMS that will allow the (global) community at-large to grow the content and re-purpose it for the current and next generation of investigators, private or otherwise. “Content That You Can Build On.” is the tag line.


  2. […] of Intellipedia, a wiki-based mult-agency intelligence sharing platform.  I wrote briefly about it back in January.  It’s interesting, although not surprising, to hear that the Intellipedia proponents faced […]

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